Anne Kathryn Killinger
Author, Musician, Homemaker

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Anne Kathryn KillingerAnne Kathryn Killinger, writer, musician, and homemaker, was born in Somerset, Kentucky. She attended the University of Kentucky, the New England Conservatory of Music, and George Peabody College for Teachers. She taught piano at Georgetown College in Kentucky and at St. Cecilia Academy in Nashville, Tennessee, and was organist for eight years at The Little Stone Church on Mackinac Island, MI.

She was married to John Killinger, a minister, theologian, and writer, she has lived in Nashville, TN, Lexington, KY, Boston, MA, Los Angeles, CA, Paris, France, Oxford, England, Birmingham, AL, and New York, NY.

A composer as well as a pianist, she has written the scores for two children’s musicals, JONAH AND THE WH-WH-WHALE and IT HAPPENS EVERY CHRISTMAS, and for two adult dramas, THE GOLDEN BO-TREE and FLANNERY: THE MUSICAL. She has also written the music for several hymns and anthems, some of which have been published in popular hymnals.

Anne has written two novels, PENDLETON FARM and RACHEL REMEMBERS, and two books of devotionals, AN INNER JOURNEY TO CHRISTMAS and AN INNER JOURNEY TO EASTER. She has contributed to several volumes of women’s devotionals published by Abingdon Press, and is the author of A SON IS A SON TILL HE GETS A WIFE: HOW TOXIC DAUGHTERS-IN-LAW DESTROY FAMILIES, the unofficial textbook for Alienated Grandparents Anonymous, a growing association of grandparents who aren’t allowed to see their grandchildren. She is currently working on a new novel called BIG LITTLE TOWN.

She lived in Warrenton, Virginia, a small community near Washington, DC and close to the Blue Ridge Mountains, where she liked to hike and picnic.

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